Spray paint artist adds mural to downtown Sikeston, MO

Spray paint artist adds mural to downtown Sikeston, MO
A mural made with spray paint is being created on Center Street in Downtown Sikeston. The design will include a welcome sign, and several other notables images that symbolize the city.

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Fresh coats of spray paint have appeared on a building in downtown Sikeston, but it's not what you think.

The second story wall above Grant Financial Management on Center Streets is being painted by graffiti mural artist "Arcy."

Bart Grant owns the building and says he picked the painter from Connecticut because he's great at portraits.

Images that will be part of the final design include a cow girl riding a horse to symbolize the rodeo, and picture of Bob Depro one of Grants mentors.

"Bob Depro was my economics teacher in high school and so he kind of got me started," Grant said. "He is very well known in Sikeston. He donated a lot of money to the school, the library, to the YMCA, to downtown. And so just kind of a tribute to him and what he did for the community. I thought it would be a really, really good thing to do."

Grant's building was also recently updated with layers of brick and stone and says the mural is a continuation of his effort to revitalize the area. Grants says the mural is well timed because three new stores have opened on center street.

"The goal was to be a definite eye catcher and to make people look and see what it's like and to kind of grab your attention and bring you down here and let you kind of shop while you're down here," he said.

The artist was slated to work on the painting for three whole days and plans to finish the mural Wednesday evening.

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