Police concerned as people don't stop correctly at cross walks

Sikeston, MO crosswalk near school, safety discussed
Updated: May. 8, 2018 at 10:50 PM CDT
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SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - Crossing the street can be dangerous and police in Sikeston, Mo. are concerned about people not stopping at a crosswalk near a school when driving.

The intersection of North West and Salcedo Street near the Junior High School is a particular problem spot.

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There's a crosswalk that the school resource officer says is being ignored by drivers. He says that if people are on the edge of the road, they have the right away and should be allowed to cross.

"People are not stopping at our crosswalk, we have kids waiting to go through the crosswalk, and we have either eastbound or westbound traffic not stopping," said Brent Mullin the SRO for Sikeston Jr. High.

Even if he is the one trying to cross, people aren't following the law. While standing at the corner, cars would pass by. That's when he would pull them over to help them learn.

"She just drives," said Mullin. "Can you stop?"

But he uses the moment as a lesson for the driver.

"No, I'm standing in the crosswalk trying to cross the road," explained Mullin. "We're doing a story about people not stopping in the crosswalk for the kids,  and you just proved my point for me. The teachable lesson is here if you see anyone in a crosswalk and they're trying to cross the road, you have to stop and let those people cross, okay? Thank you, ma'am."

One parent, who lives across the street, sees how many kids cross the street and says his son crosses with a group to make sure the cars stop.

"I'm used to this neighborhood there's a lot of kids that walk this way down North West and they cross right here," said Michelle Terrell. "My can probably tell you more than I can about you know if the cars stop for him."

"Sometimes," said Vance Terrell, before correcting himself. "Rarely. We'll have to travel in groups so they do stop."

But the work around the problem isn't good enough for Mullin.

"I hope with getting the information out, and sharing this story, I would hope we would get some change going."

This problem though isn't just at this intersection. Police say the same rules should be followed at crosswalks walk that doesn't have a light.

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