Over 40 SIUC housing employees to face layoffs

Over 40 SIUC housing employees to face layoffs
A lot of SIUC housing employees will be out of a job this summer.

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - In March, Southern Illinois University Carbondale announced they would be closing May, Smith and Neely Halls, otherwise known as East Campus, due to low enrollment numbers.

As a result, approximately 44 employees at the Trueblood Dining Hall are expected to face layoffs according to SIU public information officer, Rae Goldsmith.

According to Deborah Dalton, a cook at Trueblood who has worked there for almost 10 years, said employees weren't notified directly about the news.

In fact, she said she found out about it on Facebook. She said the lack of communication has left employees who are probably going to lose their jobs frustrated.

"It was like we were disposable, you know," she said, "We're people. We have mortgages, we have kids, we have car payments, we have obligations and just to pull the rug out from under us like we didn't even matter. What's wrong with giving somebody a heads up?"

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According to Goldsmith, the University still has not sent employees a formal notice on the layoffs yet, but they should be going out next week.

In order to help those employees, Goldsmith said the University is going to try and transfer them to other facilities on campus as positions become open.

Dalton doesn't think it will be so simple seeing as how the layoffs and transfers will be dictated by seniority.

Goldsmith said those employees facing layoffs will be terminated on June 30th.

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