Sikeston, MO man released, charges dismissed nearly 18 years after murder conviction

Sikeston, MO man released, charges dismissed nearly 18 years after murder conviction
David Robinson returned home to celebrate his release on Tuesday. (Source: Kelsey Anderson/KFVS)
David Robinson returned home to celebrate his release on Tuesday. (Source: Kelsey Anderson/KFVS)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A southeast Missouri man convicted of murder nearly 18 years ago was set free and the charges dismissed.

David Robinson was released from the Jefferson City Correctional Center on Monday night, May 14.

On Tuesday, he was celebrating with his family.

Earlier on May 14, the Attorney General's Office sent a letter to the Scott County prosecutor that recommended criminal charges against David Robinson be dismissed and he be released from the custody of the Jefferson City Correctional Center.

That high court ruling ordered Robinson be set free in 30 days unless the state elected to retry him.

Prosecuting Attorney Paul Boyd then entered an order of Nolle Prosequi, meaning "a formal notice of abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all or part of a suit or action." This means he will not be prosecuting Robinson.

You can click here to read a PDF version of the letter from Boyd or read it below.

The decision comes after an evaluation of evidence for a future retrial, according to Attorney General Josh Hawley.

Sikeston, Mo. City Manager Jonathan Douglas released the following statement on May 14 on behalf of the City:

"The City of Sikeston, our city council, and the Department of Public Safety have said from the beginning that we would honor and respect the state courts and Missouri Attorney General's decisions regarding David Robinson's case. This situation has been a difficult one for our community, and especially for the families involved. We will continue to move forward to ensure that we have a community that offers opportunity and quality of life to all of our citizens."

Pat Jackson, Robinson's fiance, said lawyers will file a habeas corpus for his release

The state's highest court issued an initial order in the David Robinson case on Tuesday, May 1.

It concluded Robinson met his burden of proof necessary to establish what's known as a "gateway" claim of innocence after proving his constitutional rights were violated during his trial.

Robinson, who we interviewed from prison earlier this year, always maintained he did not kill Sheila Box back in August of 2000.

His family said on May 1 that this time they think it's the real deal and for the first time in almost 18 years, they talked about what they'll do when he gets home.

"We going to BBQ, we going to cook fish all the food that he likes," said Reggie Robinson, brother of David Robinson. "He's already called people and has people on standby to make pies and cakes. He's ready to enjoy it."

But they might have a hard time getting to him, his mom said.

"Somebody going to have to wait a long time because I might not let him go for awhile," said Jannett McCaster, Robinson's mother.

His fiance said he wants to make up for lost time.

"He talks about traveling just doing things he hasn't been able to do there's no way to get back 18 years but just moving forward and making the best out of every opportunity that he gets, said Pat Jackson."

"I pray and I pray, and I'm not giving up now, even when he gets out of there," McCaster said. "I'm still going to pray because I know there's a God in heaven. I know there's a God in Heaven and he answered my prayer."

McCaster said she never gave up her faith and God led her and her family through this tough time.

The Sikeston city manager released the following statement on Tuesday, May 1:

"The Missouri Supreme Court has ordered David Robinson released pending review by the Scott County prosecutor. This ruling, as with all rulings in this case, is respected by Sikeston's city administration and the Sikeston DPS."

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