Van Buren, MO still rebuilding 1 year after historic flooding

Updated: Apr. 30, 2018 at 8:57 PM CDT
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VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) - It's been one year since southeast Missouri was hit with the historic flooding.

The water rose on many rivers including the Current River, which overtook the town of Van Buren.

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Even a year later the County Courthouse is still not usable. The building is down to the studs and the plywood on the walls is helping with the structural integrity of the building.

Presiding Commissioner Donald Black says he's ready for the rebuilding process but still needs to know about state and federal aid to get started.

 "You know Carter County just needs a very small portion to get our government going again," he said. "Just a very small portion but seems like we can't get going.  We want to move forward. It just seems like it can't move fast enough for us."

The community members are also dealing with the rebuild.

Some are trying to get back into their homes, but the process took much longer than they expected.

Meanwhile, others have torn down and decided to leave town and sell their property.

Robert Williams has been able to work on his home with some FEMA money and with friends, but he's still wishing the community could see more.

"Small town - we don't make a big enough ripple I guess to get the immediate response that some of the bigger places do," he said.

Even though his house isn't finished, after a year he's ready to call it home again.

There's 100 homes I could be at, I just want to be here tonight," he said.

While the money is still trickling in they hoping the Current River stays peaceful.

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