Illinois State Police to enforce state law regardless of "gun sanctuary" resolutions

Updated: Apr. 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM CDT
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DU QUOIN, IL (AP) - Four counties in Illinois have officially passed resolutions expressing concern for four House Bills and one Senate bill currently in front of the state legislature.

These areas are being called "gun sanctuary" counties. In southern Illinois, Jefferson and Saline counties have already passed such resolutions and the Perry County board is to vote on passing their own this week.

Essentially, these resolutions declare HB 1465, HB 1467, HB 1468, HB 1469, and SB 1657 to be intrusive on the constitutional right to bear arms.

In them, they outline concerns with the laws as they relate to the 2nd Amendment and state that these counties will not enforce these laws if they pass as currently written.

Meaning if someone is in possession or selling a firearm or accessory banned under these laws, in a "gun sanctuary," local police and sheriff deputies will not be able to charge you under local law.

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However, Illinois State Police Public Information Officer Joshua Haile says state police's job is to enforce state law.

"As an agency, we don't necessarily react or respond when a local government is trying to enact change," Haile said, "we will continue to enforce all applicable state and federal laws that pertain to the possession and transportation of firearms."

Additionally, he says there are many more law enforcement agencies in the state of Illinois than just local law enforcement. Including Secretary of State Police, Conservation Police, Federal Police, and others, all of whom have the authority to arrest someone in violation of state and federal law.

However, Haile says if you are charged with wrongful possession of a firearm or accessory in a "gun sanctuary" county, the case will go to the county's State's Attorney who will have the final say on sentencing.

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