Harrisburg, IL Korean war vet weighs in on Korean peace talks

Harrisburg, IL Korean war vet weighs in on Korean peace talks

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - It's been 65 years since the U.S. has ended its involvement in the Korean conflict.

For those who served there, it leaves them with last vivid memories. People like Chuck Hankins who was on the peninsula in 1950-1951.

"Oh my gosh, yes, I had nightmares for years, still occasionally will have one," said Hankins.

As the youngest Sergeant Major in the Korean conflict, Hankins helped organize men inside his division. A division that to this day has an important responsibility.

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"My old division has always been over there defending the 38 parallel," said Hankins. "Too much responsibility for a19-year-old."

So as Korean leaders sign the end of war declaration Hankins is glad to see what he fought for coming to this point 65 years later. He's hoping for peace between the two sides.

"You know you worry about having fought for South Korea, for the people, and having the North Koreans there with Atomic potential... yea, you have a personal connection, a personal feeling of connection."

Even since he left in the 50's Hankins has visited and seen the thanks from those in South Korea and also the progress.

"I've been back over there twice, so I've seen how the South Koreans have rebuilt their country into a modern Country."

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