CarGO Carryout liquor delivery service questions law enforcement

Updated: Apr. 26, 2018 at 10:40 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A ride-sharing service, carGO has started delivering food under the new app carGO Carryout. A new service has been added, delivering alcohol.

The addition has law enforcement questioning the legality.

Police Chief Wes Blair said he told the owners prior to them opening the service, that it was illegal to deliver alcohol without a liquor license. But the idea doesn't bother him at all.

"If they have a license and they're following the steps then that doesn't concern me," said Blair.

carGO owner Dr. James Stapleton said that they consulted with a lawyer who specializes in this area and he said a license wasn't necessary since they are not selling the alcohol.

"But we have said from the beginning and will continue to comply with whatever the city want's us to do in this case," said Stapleton. "We're a unique company, we don't sell alcohol in this case."

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This is where the process gets tricky. Stapleton said that the money is transferred directly from the customer to the store which is selling the alcohol. The money doesn't touch carGO at all. Because of that CarGO acts as a third-party vendor who's contracted to deliver. They are taking the responsibility to check ID's from the store but as a whole, the liquor store is still selling the alcohol. That's why they haven't filed for a license.

"Right we don't believe we do, the legal counsel that we've received says that we do not. But we're working with the city as we speak now and we'll have a liquor license."

As long as they go through those steps and stop the alcohol from getting to underage kids, Blair said he likes the idea of the service.

"It's a great service and I think it does, in the long run, protect our citizens and we'll just have to see over time how the delivery of alcohol goes."

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