Political expert: "It is unusual" for IL Governor to call MO Governor Greitens to resign

Updated: Apr. 13, 2018 at 6:00 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Among other Republican lawmakers, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is also calling for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to step down.

After signing a bill in Springfield yesterday, Governor Rauner took questions from reporters in his Capitol office. A person asked, "What do you think of what lawmakers released yesterday about Governor Greitens in Missouri?",and Governor Rauner's responds:

"I have to say I am deeply troubled by, now there has been an investigation and the investigation has brought forth some very disturbing, terrible behavior apparently. Now Democrats, as well as Republicans in Missouri have called for the Governor to step down in the best interest of Missourians, and that seems like a reasonable request."

John Jackson, a political expert with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, says it's "very unusual" for the Illinois Governor to involve other Governors in his race and he also says it's "unusual" for Gov. Rauner to call Greitens to resign.

It started with Rauner involving four Republican governors from surrounding states in his campaign commercial last year. In that ad, the governors were slamming Illinois.

However, just recently Rauner said he was "deeply troubled" by Greitens behavior and called for his resignation.

With Rauner's own electoral woes, Jackson says, Rauners' statement about the Governor resigning was to protect his own campaign.

"He's trying to survive just like Gov. Greitens is trying to survive," said Jackson. "His survival depends on what happens on November the 8 and that depends on what happens with the voters especially those suburban woman voters that I think this is designed to appeal to."

Jackson says this ordinarily does not happen, even if the other state is of their own political party. In addition, Governor Rauner was off to a rocky start with the turnout in the primaries.

Jackson said Rauner major problem is in Cook County and collar counties and winning over suburban women before the Nov 8 election.

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