Caught on Camera: 80-year-old man saved from robbery by older brother

Updated: Apr. 6, 2018 at 2:57 PM CDT
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The accused robber tried to take $3 from the victim, which was all he had on him. (Source: WTTV...
The accused robber tried to take $3 from the victim, which was all he had on him. (Source: WTTV via CBS)

(CBS) - An 80-year-old Indianapolis man was robbed at gunpoint before the crime was foiled by his protective older brother.

It was only $3.

That's how much money the 80-year-old victim had on him at the time of the armed robbery. But video outside the business shows the suspect didn't even get away with that small amount of cash before he learned the hard way that crime doesn't pay.

Wearing a gray hoodie, followed by a man with a cane, the thief spun around and pulled out a gun.

"He said, 'Give me your money. This is a stickup. This is real life.' Man, I ain't got no money. I just got out of the hospital," the victim said.

The 80-year-old man asked not to be identified, but video shows the suspect reaching into the man's pockets to steal his money when the victim's older brother sprang into action.

"I started hollering and they my brother heard me hollering and then he came and he hit him up across the head," the victim said.

Using a wrench he grabbed out of his car, the man's 85-year-old brother knocked the suspect down, causing him to drop the victim's $3 and run away with only a gun in his hand.

"He hit him on the head with that wrench," the victim said. "He went down."

He went on to say, "That wrench made him give up everything."

Luckily, aside from the suspect, no one got hurt during the botched stickup in the parking lot, but the result didn't make it any less dangerous.

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