Did you know you can recycle those plastic Easter eggs?

Mike Mohundro KFVS
Mike Mohundro KFVS
Updated: Apr. 2, 2018 at 4:40 PM CDT
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JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Easter is over and the majority of people still probably have some of those plastic Easter eggs that they haven't thrown away or put up just yet. But did you know that you can recycle them?

Jackson Public Works received a call from a customer about if they can drop off plastic Easter eggs at the Recycling Center. Something that is not too often an item that gets recycled.

Teddy Scholl, Jackson Sanitation Recycle Foreman, said not many people drop off those unwanted plastic eggs there.

"We don't get that many of them or at least I don't notice that many of them," Scholl said. "We do accept them. We put them in the 3-7."

The 3-7 is a bin where a certain type of plastic goes while other plastics, such as milk gallon containers, are stored in other plastic containers at the Jackson Recycling Center.

Scholl said most of the 3-7 plastic gets shipped overseas to be reused.

"They ship it on shipping containers," Scholl added. "They bail it up and ship it to China, mostly is where it goes to."

Scholl thinks most people tend to save them and reuse the plastic eggs for the following year but said if you want to throw them away, you might as well recycle them.

"It's an environmental safety thing or a green thing to do to get rid of the eggs," Scholl said. "On a scale from one to ten, I would probably leave it low like a three."

While Scholl feels that America does a pretty good job at recycling altogether, he hopes that other countries can get on board with it as well.

"The more we recycle, the better off we'll be," Scholl added. "The proved we have is that we have to have other countries overseas to do this too. A lot of your countries overseas don't recycle as heavy as we do."

Overall, Scholl feels that if it is an item that can be recycled, then it should be. Even if it's just a small plastic egg.

"Every little bit helps," Scholl added. "The more you can recycle, the better off you are. And the better off the world will be."

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