Parts of MO experiencing dangerous flooding, patrol offers tips

Parts of MO experiencing dangerous flooding, patrol offers tips

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Highway Patrol officials want everyone to make good decisions when traveling in flooded areas.

Parts of the state have experienced dangerous flooding.

Flash flooding and flooding can be fatal.

Here are some tips from the MSHP:

  • Never think that because you made it across a flooded low water crossing in the past that you’ll make it the next time.
  • Never be tempted to drive into floodwater because it appears shallow. Looks are deceiving and the roadway may not be intact. Floodwater often washes out roads or compromises their structural integrity.
  • Less than a foot of moving water is enough to push a vehicle.
  • Cars will float when the force of the water is greater than the force of friction. Sand and mud that come with flash flooding reduce the friction force of gravity holding the car in place
  • Think about everything you could lose before trying to save a few minutes by not turning around.

The patrol asks boaters across the state to take extra precautions when boating in flooded areas.

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