BBB warns data risk of social media quizzes

BBB warns data risk of social media quizzes

MISSOURI (KFVS) - With everything coming out with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and now the Federal Trade Commission investigating Facebook, the Better Business

Bureau wants to remind people to be careful about what they share or participate in online no matter how innocent it appears.

That includes social media quizzes and surveys.

While they can be fun, BBB President & CEO Michelle Corey said you could  be making yourself vulnerable to more than you think.

"Often people don't read the fine print," Corey said. "They really don't know what they're agreeing to do and they don't realize how much access they have or

what they might do with that information."

Corey also warns to be careful with any apps or games you have on your smartphone where you log in with your Facebook.

"Always check your settings and know who you are inviting into your accounts," Corey said. "Think twice before you allow that person to have access, not only

to your personal information, but they could also perhaps get access to some of the friends that you have on Facebook."

Click here for tips from the Better Business Bureau on how to avoid social media scams.

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