Lawmakers back Human Trafficking bill

Lawmakers back Human Trafficking bill

WASHINGTON (KFVS) - The U.S. Senate bill HR 1865 regarding justice for Human Trafficking victims is headed to the president's desk after being passed 97-2.

Sen. Roy Blunt co-sponsored the bill. H.R. 1865 passed the House in February by a vote of 388-25.

"Human trafficking is a heinous crime that happens every day in our country, driven in large part by websites that operate as online marketplaces for sex traffickers," said Blunt. "For too long, federal law has shielded websites that knowingly profit off the sexual exploitation of trafficking victims. This bill provides law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they need to seek justice for trafficking victims and hold websites that knowingly facilitate these crimes accountable. I commend Senator Rob Portman and Representative Ann Wagner for their leadership and tireless efforts to combat human trafficking."

Sen. Tammy Duckwork also voted for the bill:

"Sex trafficking victims and family members like Ms. Ambrose should not be faced with legal inconsistencies that undermine the pursuit of justice for their trauma. Any person or entity that facilitates these horrific circumstances should be held accountable," Duckworth said. "We must do everything we can to support victims and law enforcement as we work to end online sex trafficking, and this legislation help make that a reality."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote:

Many of us have heard heartbreaking stories of human trafficking and child exploitation. These reprehensible practices continue to plague communities and devastate families throughout our nation, sickening us to the core.

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Senate Passing H.R. 1865

President Donald J. Trump applauds the Senate for passing H.R. 1865, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act.  This bipartisan piece of legislation takes an important step forward in fighting the despicable act of human trafficking.  The legislation empowers Federal, State, and local prosecutors to hold websites accountable for supporting the sale of sex trafficking victims.   Over the last year, the President and his Administration have worked closely with Members of Congress, industry experts, and human trafficking survivors to develop a comprehensive series of bold actions, including this legislation, to end modern slavery in all of its forms.  The President and his entire Administration are firmly committed to holding those who participate in these horrific crimes accountable, and look forward to continued work with these stakeholders in order to put an end to this scourge

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