Memphis Dist. Corps of Engineers to lower flood response

Memphis Dist. Corps of Engineers to lower flood response
Storms are causing the rivers to rise

MEMPHIS, TN (KFVS) - The Memphis District Army Corps of Engineers said it will lower its flood response due to falling river levels.

According to the Corps, the district plans to end floodlight phase I in the Memphis, Tennessee and Helena, Arkansas areas on March 16.

Forecasters expect the Mississippi River to fall below 34 feet on Sunday.

"We have already experienced significant water levels along the Mississippi River basin this season," Jim Belles, Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service in Memphis said. "We still have a portion of the spring season left to go. We continue to closely monitor rainfall projections and are advising vigilance for the potential of high water again later this season."

The Corps will continue to monitor levees, floodwalls and pumping stations in all areas.

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