Could voter interference happen in the Heartland?

Could voter interference happen in the Heartland?

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - More than 6 out of 10 Americans are concerned with Russian interference in the upcoming 2018 elections according to a poll by CBS News. The idea of interference has been a hot topic since the 2016 election, but Cape County officials say that this should not be a problem here.

One of the reasons is that the county doesn't have voting machines that ever connecting to the internet. That way the results are only ever put onto a flash drive and paper that is then verified back at the clerk's office.

In addition to that, Cape Girardeau County Supervisor of Elections, Allen Seabaugh, says double checking the machines that make sure the results are correct.

"We actually test our voting equipment before each election and also after," said Seabaugh. "So we use a test deck and we test the equipment and then a bi-partisan team of judges looks at those results. They look at the ballots that were put through and they look at the results and make sure the test came out how it should have."

Seabaugh did say that if they would ever switch the way that they would handle voting and connecting to the internet they would have to make sure that all of the safety protocols are there.

The CBS poll also showed a divide based on party. A fewer percentage of Republicans were concerned than Democrats.

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