MO Governor, highway patrol respond to Clinton officer death

Updated: Mar. 7, 2018 at 11:43 AM CST
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MISSOURI (KFVS) - Missouri Governor Eric Greitens responded to the death of a police officer out of Kansas City on Wednesday.

Clinton Police Officer Christopher Ryan Morton, 30, was shot and killed in the line of duty on Tuesday, March 6. Two other officers were injured.

The governor issued the following statement,

"Through the ages, the people who protect us go by different names. In one era, they are called warriors. In another, knights. In our era, the people who walk our streets and defend the defenseless are given an honored name: they are called police officers. Today, in the state of Missouri, we lost one of our police officers. He was a thirty-year-old gentleman whose name was Ryan Morton. Officer Morton was a member of the Clinton Police Department, and late last night, he was shot and killed in the line of duty. All of us can stop today and pray for him and his blessed memory. We can think about his family, and we can, for a moment, share in their grief. And these are good and right things, and we should do them. I'd ask us to do one more thing: think of this police department and all police departments throughout our state. This fall, the Clinton Police Department lost Officer Gary Michael. I got to know the men and women of the Clinton Police Department and the community through that tragedy. Officer Morton took Officer Michael's post in the department. Those two warriors are together now, in the company of God, who has brought his sons home. We are blessed to live in a time and place with men and women of the character and quality of Officer Morton and Officer Michael. And it's because they are men and women of such strength and wisdom and love that we feel such grief when they leave us. We mourn our servants today. We bless their memory. We honor their families. And we will—we must—do everything in our power to stand by this department and community in their grief. God bless every single police officer in the state of Missouri and around the country. God bless you, and your families, and the communities you call home." -Governor Eric Greitens

Troopers from Troops A and D with the Missouri State Highway Patrol as well as investigators of drug and crime control and major crash investigation unit are assisting the Clinton Police Department and Henry County Sheriff's Department after the shooting.

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