Identity theft tops 2017 Illinois consumer complaint list

Identity theft tops 2017 Illinois consumer complaint list
Fallout from the #MeToo movement continues to dog the General Assembly.

CHICAGO (AP) - Identity theft was the top complaint consumers made to the Illinois attorney general's office last year.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan released the annual list on Monday. Identity theft ranked No. 1 for the first time since 2007 with more than 2,500 complaints. Madigan's office attributed the jump to last year's large Equifax data breach.

In total, roughly 147.9 million Americans have been impacted by Equifax's data breach. It remains the largest data breach of personal information in history.

The No. 2 slot went to education-related complaints involving student loan debt, loan counseling and for-profit schools. Other complaint topics included consumer debt, construction and home improvement, telecommunications and vehicle sales, among others.

Overall the attorney general's office received nearly 24,700 complaints last year.

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