Women who was pinned between two cars advocates against distracted driving

Women who was pinned between two cars advocates against distracted driving
The mother of four nearly lost one of her legs (Source: Family submitted)
The mother of four nearly lost one of her legs (Source: Family submitted)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A mother of four who nearly lost her one of her legs when she was pinned between two cars is encouraging drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not on distractions.

Two months ago, Britni Crocker was trying to jump-start her vehicle at the corner of Henderson and Themis streets in Cape Girardeau when she was hit by a car crushing her left leg.

Crocker's sister, Halie Cassinger, said that she doesn't like to talk about it and is now confined to a wheelchair because of her injuries.

"She remembers everything thing about it, like every part of the day," Cassinger said. "It's not good to think about. She did everything for herself and now she can't even pick her kid up."

Crocker's family have been sharing her story as a powerful message of how dangerous it can be if you take your eyes off the road.

Cassinger admits she was bad about texting and driving before the incident but said she hasn't picked up her phone behind the wheel since.

"I would never put someone through what we went through just for a text message," Cassinger said. "Just imagine one of your loved ones laying there begging you to cut their legs off because they're in that much pain. Like you can't do anything to help them. It's not worth it at all."

She describes Crocker as the most independent person she knows OF and said she moved out at age 17, and was always on her feet.

Although her mobility is still limited, Cassinger said her big sister still has a lot of energy and that she is making progress in her recovery efforts.

"She is doing a lot better than she was three weeks ago," Cassinger said. "Three weeks ago she couldn't stand. Now she can stand for 30-seconds at a time. She can get to and from the car in a wheelchair. She is just getting stronger and stronger every day thankfully, but definitely, the support I would say is the only thing keeping all of us going for sure."

Crocker used to be a waitress at Golden Corral and Applebee's in Cape Girardeau, but now her family is dependent on her fiance's income.

To help make ends meet, those close to the Crocker have also been hosting benefits to raise money for her medical bills and her families living expenses.

An event in Crocker's hometown of Ellington, Missouri had several hundred people in attendance and raised over $15,000.

On Saturday, another benefit at the VFW Post 3838 in Cape Girardeau brought in $2,500 for the Crocker's despite the rain keeping many people away.

"It's awesome to see strangers come in just to support someone that they don't even know just to help them through a hard time," Cassinger said. "Britni is extremely grateful. Like 'thank you' doesn't even cut it."

The two restaurants that Crocker used to work at in Cape are still taking donations for her family on site and contributions can also be sent to the family's a GoFundMe account.

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