Walking trail in Jackson, MO repaired after flooding

Walking trail in Jackson, MO repaired after flooding

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Weekend flooding took out big chunks of a popular Jackson, Missouri walking and bike trail, but it didn't take long for work crews to get it back on track.

Shane Anderson, Director of Parks and Recreation in Jackson, said about 50 foot stretch of the Hubble Creek recreation trail near the Independence Street bridge became damaged when the water in the creek rose to a high level.

"It's very strong when it gets like that," Anderson said. "All you got to do in this case is look at the concrete that has been ripped. I mean this stuff was ripped up and taken away downstream. It was very forceful."

Anderson said trails are the number one used featured in the Jackson park system. That's why fixing the damaged path became a top priority.

"Monday was really a tear up and putting the subsurface down," Anderson said. "Then Tuesday the concrete was poured which I thought it was really quick that we were able to get that done. Here in a few days after the concrete gets cured we're going to allow it to be used again."

Bryan Kelpe, Owner of the Missouri Running Company, runs the Hubble Creek trail and was also surprised by the quick repair.

"I did not expect the trail to be fixed as rapidly as what it was which was awesome," Kelpe said. "A lot of runners use both the Hubble Creek Trail over in Jackson and LaCroix trail here in Cape on a daily basis."

Kelpe said he always enjoys testing a new trail out and hopes that more people take advantage of the repaved path.

"I'm glad to see it get fixed," he said. "The active community whether they're walking, running, cycling, can get out there. What's nice is you're off the road, so you don't have the traffic that you're always having to monitor. Also along Hubble Creek, it's a beautiful path so you have the scenery there."

Anderson said it could take a week for the repaved section of the trail to be reopened, but that in meantime runners can work their way around the cones.

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