Road signs stolen, vandalized in western KY

Road signs stolen, vandalized in western KY
Updated: Feb. 28, 2018 at 2:53 PM CST
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PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is reporting water over the road and road closed signs are being stolen and vandalized across western Kentucky.

Highway personnel has had to replace signs at several locations a number of times.

The McCracken County Highway Maintenance Crew has replaced road closed signs three times along a flooded section of KY 131/Said Road in the Clarks River bottoms at the McCracken-Graves County line.

Webster County crews have also replaced signs in the Wheatcroft community twice.

KYTC spokesperson Keith Todd said removing signs marking flooded areas becomes a danger for drivers and can result in a citation.

"We've had calls from the public reporting they've seen other motorists stop and throw barricades and signs out of the roadway," said Todd. "We've also had reports of motorists driving over signs, barricades, and traffic barrels at some locations. If you see someone removing or damaging signs placed along flooded sections, please get a license number of the vehicle, take note of the specific location, and report it immediately to your local 911 call center."

Todd noted that motorists caught damaging or removing signs can be cited for up to a $250 fine, with an additional $50 fine for each sign or traffic control device that is moved.

"Water is no respecter of persons," said Todd. "It doesn't care if you are old, young, or middle-aged.  It doesn't care if you drive a new car or a well-worn vehicle.  If you drive into floodwaters you can very quickly end up in a life-threatening situation. I find it hard to believe some people have so little concern for their neighbors that they would remove critical signage marking flooded sections of our highways."

Todd said to report any activity you see or hear of to police.

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