Volunteers lending a hand in Malden, MO

Volunteers lending a hand in Malden, MO

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - Disaster relief continued in Malden, Missouri after a tornado damaged more than 75-homes.

Over the last few days, homeowners and volunteers have been working around the clock cleaning up the debris and getting their homes ready for the rain.
Some roofs were totally taken off and some just stripped of the shingles and the only way to keep the rain out until roofers can come and fix its tarps.

"It is working there were a bunch of bare spots all the way down to the wood so got up there with tarps, we haven't' had any leaks so far, so hoping it doesn't blow off before the roofers come," said Matthew Wright of Malden.

Even while it rained crews were working to get the rest of the houses tarped.

Robert Bolan, the owner of Bolan truck and tire repair, is spending the next few days in Malden helping those who need it tires changed or any other car repairs free of charge.

All the debris can cause flat tires or crews that are working to move the debris could run into car trouble

"Any car trouble, tire trouble, mechanic work or anything on big machinery like if they blow a hydraulic line, just about anything that needs to be prepared you know I'll do it," he said.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27,  volunteers were able to get their hands dirty and help clean up the aftermath.

Volunteers started working at 8 a.m. trying to help the victims of the tornado get back to normal as soon as possible.

Crews were cutting trees, moving debris and doing anything they could do to help.

It's something that Hollie Davis, the head volunteer, said is what they need.

She said since the tornado hit the community, people have been supportive in doing whatever they can to help..

"I mean to be perfectly honest, we've had more volunteers than we've had," she said. "I mean we've been able to reach every single need with our community and our neighboring communities everything that's come in, we've filled it. I'm turning people away well not necessarily turning them away but I'm saying just hold up and I'll let you know."

The area wasn't cleared for volunteers to be at until Tuesday, Feb. 27. And now that it's open, Davis said that's what they need the most, volunteers who are ready to get their hands dirty.

If you are interested in coming out to help, Davis asks that you come ready to work and bring your own gloves, shovel wheel barrel, and any other equipment if you have it.

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