Community Garden being considered in Cairo, IL

Community Garden being considered in Cairo, IL
Cairo residents meet to discuss implementing a community garden

A group held a meeting tonight to start planning a community garden.

In a town with no grocery stores or farmers markets, healthy foods can be hard to find. The goal is to plant more than 200 food-bearing trees in the garden. Organizers hope that growing food in the garden will lead to more growth in Cairo.

"We are hoping that the community not only gets unified but that they'll also be able to provide for themselves entrepreneurship out of this," said Steven Tarvar, Co-President of Men of Power Women of Strength. "Somebody might want to get some jams or preservatives. You know a seed grows, hopefully, this will be the seed to help our community grow."

An exact location hasn't yet been picked, but The group will be meeting with the USDA on Tuesday to possibly get a grant to help out with the garden.