80-year-old Elkville tornado survivor recounts one year ago

Elkville, IL woman feels lucky to feel alive
Published: Feb. 20, 2018 at 10:33 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 23, 2018 at 3:53 PM CST
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ELKVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of the devastating tornadoes that hit the Heartland region.

Many families lost their homes, their memories and even some of their loved ones. Despite the hardships the tornado brought, 80 year-old-survivor, Nadine Lacy, is holding up.

It was just one year ago when the city of Elkville witnessed one the most devastating tornadoes it had ever seen.

Lacy recounted her experience.

"I was screaming, I never screamed so loud in my life."

She remembers it like it was yesterday.

"It only lasted just a few seconds…it was so powerful. I cant get over the feeling that I had. It was like it ruled and you knew it."

Lacy remembered getting a call from her daughter.

"I just remember my daughter called me and told me that we were going to have some bad weather, possible tornadoes and I needed to come out and get in her basement," she said.

The night of February 28, 2017, Lacy decided to stay in her home because she didn't want to leave her son next door who was handicap.

"Next time my daughter says mom there's some bad weather coming I think you come out here and get in the basement, I'm going to be the first one there," she said, regrettably.

Lacy described just how lucky and thankful she is. Even one of her daughters, Nancy Aldrdige, said it's a blessing she only walked away with scratches and bruises.

"I happy that mom is with us because it is a miracle that she is still here," she said.

Lacy said 2017 was not a good year for them.

"I lost my son last month, so that's been another thing to deal with…2018 has to be better, has to be better."

But through it all, Lacy hoped for one thing.

"We can all find peace…," she said tearfully. "It's very hard you know…but I'm a strong person and I can deal with it and I will. And I'm going to do everything I can to make 2018 a lot better than 2017."

Thankfully, they were able to salvage some important pieces. However, with the house gone, so are some of the memories.

"Now with my brother gone, those things can't be replaced," Aldridge described.

Lacy stayed with her daughter for three months after the tornado, but now a new, beautiful home stands in the place of the old one.

"I hope the tornadoes never come back here again and we never have to deal with anything like this again, and I hope nobody does—this really rough," Aldridge said.

"A lot of memories in my old house," Lacy said, "but I'm making new and good memories in this one."

Lacy's whole street has been replaced with double wides and trailers. Some families relocated, while others rebuilt.

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