Father of Marshall County, KY school shooting victim speaks out for change

Victim of KY school shooting victim wants change
Updated: Feb. 19, 2018 at 4:17 PM CST
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Jeff Dysinger (Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)
Jeff Dysinger (Source: Kelsey Anderson, KFVS)
 After the recent shootings in Marshall County and Florida, many are wondering what we can do to stop it.
Jeff Dysinger’s daughter was shot twice on January 23 at Marshall County high school. He says when he heard about the shooting in Florida he was angry and wants to see our elected officials step up and do something to make our schools safer.
He said the support from the community and lawmakers has helped in the healing process, but now he wonders what's next. 
"They've lit buildings, they've lit bridges, you know the orange and blue or Marshall County, so the question is what are they doing right now in the legislature to make sure that not one other child is harmed while trying to get an education," said Dysinger. 
 So, he's urging everyone to call their elected officials and urge them to do something to make our children safe. 

"It's on them we elect these people to govern America, it's also our responsibility as parents and citizens of America to elect the right officials and not only elect these officials but call upon them to do the right thing, and right now we are calling upon our officials," said Dysinger. "It has to do with doing the right thing for our children because they deserve the opportunity to grow up in a violent free educational society."

Dysinger is urging everyone to call their state representatives and ask what they can do for our kids. 
The links to the local state reps can be found here: Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky. 

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