Sales skyrocket for floral shops during Valentine's Day week

Sales skyrocket for floral shops during Valentine's Day week
Mike Mohundro KFVS
Mike Mohundro KFVS

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Valentine's Day is right around the corner and these florists in the Heartland are busy.

The Chaffee Flower Shop owner Billie Jo Sadler said she has seen her sales skyrocket by 10 times as much this holiday week.

"We are really busy," Sadler said. "We have lots of flowers that have just arrived that we are prepping. We are getting ready for the big day and we have started making bouquets and preparing candy, plush, balloons. We are getting it all ready."

In fact, recently Sadler has had so many sales that she hired an additional 10 people to help out with all the orders.

"We probably deliver maybe 50 items a week," Sadler explained. "On Valentine's Day week, we are probably around 400-500 items."

One area of sales that has been popular lately is online through the flower shop's Facebook page.

"It's probably 10 percent right now," Sadler added. "Still, out of 500 orders, 50 people off of Facebook that I have never met face to face that have just seen a picture or somebody share a picture and send us a message, that's just great!"

Sadler is also seeing more people search for flower shops online that they might get suggested companies that fill your order from their local shops in town that you can visit yourself. She said when ordering online, you may not get the personal touch or order that you desire.

"You may not necessarily get a brick and mortar store that pops up," Sadler added. "So it's always best if you're going to order online, that it's directly to a local shop and not an order gatherer that will take their cut off the top and then send that order to a local shop where you may or may not get what you requested."

She does, however, feel it's best to talk with a person over the phone to help get those exact details you want for your loved one.

"Valentine's represents love," Sadler said. "We are all about love here at the Chaffee Flower Shop. Everything we make is made with love from someone who loves you. It just makes that day so much better for us for those who receive the flowers or gifts and those that are sending it."

Roses are the hot items again this year, however, Sadler says bath bombs are becoming increasingly popular.

As for now, you have two days to get your flowers for Valentine's Day. Sadler said it's best to try to get those orders in as early as possible to ensure the best delivery time on when you get your items.

"Call now!" Sadler added. "Don't wait two days. We want to hear from you now. Don't wait until Wednesday. We want to fill as many orders as we can."

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