Former Saluki, Olympian sets sights on Tokyo 2020

Former Saluki, Olympian sets sights on Tokyo 2020

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Former SIU All-American and Olympic Hammer Thrower Deanna Price is one of the best in the world.

But her path to success has been filled with hard work, hardship and some good timing along the way.

Price is hoping to land a spot in another Olympic games.

Her Olympic journey didn't start off so smooth when she picked up the hammer for the first time with only three months left in her senior year in Troy, Missouri.

"I remember winding it and winding it and I hit myself in the head and I remember being like I'm done. I'm not doing this, I'm over it."

But Price was actually just getting started. And the Salukis were very much in her future.

"I had full rides for softball and full rides for track and field and I actually decided to take the partial scholarship to SIU and at this time my mom and dad both lost their jobs. And I remember looking at my mom and just saying trust me I had a good feeling and after my freshman year, I gained a full ride. I was the first ever female to go to NCAA and be an All-American all four years."

Price won back to back NCAA Championships along the way. Her next journey would take her to the United States Olympic trials.

"On my last throw, I got third. I remember stepping out and they only take the top three and I remember walking out of the ring and my adrenaline  is pumping I'm good I'm good and I made eye contact with my coach, coach Lambert and I remember just crying, sobbing."

Price punched her ticket to the 2016 Summer Olympics and her number one fan was right there with her in Rio.

"I was throwing and I caged the first one in warmups, I caged the 2nd one in warmups, I'm nervous and hear my mother's voice. And I look up and I see her running around the arena with the American flag going Deanna, screaming at the top of her lungs and I'm like oh there's my crazy mother and it's all good."

It wasn't only good--it was American History good. Price made it all the way to the finals finishing in 8th place and her teammate Amber Campbell finished 6th.

"We were the first ones ever to make it into the women's hammer throw final. First time ever."
But Deanna Price is already upping the ante for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan.

"Just hunger that I want to do better, I want to bring home a medal so I can tell everyone thank you.

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