Cape Public Works prepare for icy weather

Cape Public Works prepare for icy weather

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Because of the Cold Weather, crews were out in Cape Girardeau pre-treating the roads for when things happen Tuesday.

The goal is to create a layer between the road and the ice which helps it to melt quicker. Stan Polivick with Cape Girardeau Public works says that even though we're not sure when the ice will hit here, they're preparing.

"We'll be prepared, have our guys ready, have the trucks ready, hopefully, we don't need to do anything, but we got the pretreatment out," said Polivick. "If it's a small event that may take care of it and won't have to do much else."

However, the possibility of rain coming in could also cause a headache for the crews.

"If it rains before the freezing precipitation tomorrow some of that may wash off hopefully not all of it," said Polivick. "We'll have that down as a jump start on whatever needs to be done to get the road clear, and we'll just watch the weather tomorrow and see what times things are predicted to come in."

When that ice or snow comes in the crews will switch to salt on the roads. Last month when we had ice and snow, the city used about one thousand tons and they haven't been able to replace it. But they still have 1,500 tons left in the salt barn.

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