This week in music: 1979 YMCA

This week in music: 1979 YMCA

(KFVS) - Let's drop a couple of quarters into the Breakfast Show jukebox of memories.

This morning we check out what people were dancing to in disco's biggest year, 1979.

Three of the top five songs this week in '79 were huge disco hits.

So let's get started with our countdown.  Billy Joel had just released his album 52nd Street and the lead off single from that album was at number five on Billboard's Hot 100.   My Life featured backing vocals from  Peter Cetera and Donnie Dacus of the band Chicago.

We mentioned those disco songs, here's one of them.   Rod Stewart was at number four with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?  Although it was a number one hit for Stewart, he caught a lot of flack at the time. He was criticized for betraying rock and roll for disco.

An act which spawned from disco music was in the number three spot.  The Village People were known for their on stage costumes depicting macho men.  The group scored several disco hits, but they're best remembered for YMCA.  Although disco more or less disappeared a year later, YMCA has remained popular over the years.  It's still played at sporting events, weddings and other get togethers.

At number two was the Bee Gees with Too Much Heaven.  It was the group's seventh number one hit.  In a 2001 interview, Robin Gibb said Too Much Heaven was one of his favorite Bee Gees songs. The Gibb brothers wrote this song along with Tragedy in a single afternoon.  That's a good day's work, but they weren't finished.  That evening they Shadow Dancing for Andy Gibb.

And in the top spot for this week in '79 was another disco tune.  In fact, Le Freak by Chic is one of the biggest disco hits of all time. The song had three separate runs at number one and spent a total of six weeks in the top spot.  It was the song of the winter of 78-79 staying in the top five from early December until the middle of February.  On Billboard's all time Hot 100, Le Freak comes in at number 21.

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