Metropolis to hold educational meeting for parents on school shootings

Metropolis to hold educational meeting for parents on school shootings

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) - After seeing reports of the mass shooting at Marshall County High School, Metropolis Chief of Police Harry Masse was concerned, but understanding, over the number of parents who rushed to the school to try and get there children safely home while the scene was still active.

He said he realized that schools undergo plenty of training for active shooter situations and other disasters, but an area where the community is lacking in this kind of education is with students' parents.

"Every police officer on duty and off duty, and every fireman on duty and off duty are coming but they're going to need a place to stage," he said. "Room is scarce and important and we need those parking lots in case we're going to land helicopters and stage ambulances and all that other stuff."

As a result, he reached out to Massac County High School leaders to host a town hall-style meeting aiming at educating the parents of Metropolis on what they should be doing on their end in an active shooter situation.

In the meeting, he said they will go over things like the necessity of knowing emergency pick up locations in the event of a shooting, calling 911 even if you think it's already been done, and keeping away from the school while an active shooter is present to make room for first responders to do their jobs.

The meeting will be at Massac County High School on Wednesday, Jan. 31 at 5:30 p.m.

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