Gov Rauner vetoes school funding bill

Gov Rauner vetoes school funding bill

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - The Illinois School funding bill is back on the chopping block.

Governor Bruce Rauner returned the bill for more changes at a cost to some schools districts in the Heartland.

West Frankfort Superintendent, Matt Donkin, believed this delay in the process is going to affect public schools in Illinois.

"Any delay is a problem...we are waiting for the promise to be fulfilled," he explained.

Promises that may be at a halt Donkin explained, because Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has issued an amendatory veto for that school funding bill.

"You think.. wasn't that signed already.. why wasn't that signed," he facetiously described.

The historic bill was signed into law last August 31, but according to legislators, there was a need for a "trailer bill" to clean up the language.

"We are ready to go, we are hearing that it's not going to be until at least March and maybe April until we find the final numbers and even have a chance to get that money into this budget year that ends in June," Donkin said.

In the last semester of the school year, Donkin explained how hard it is to plan for his district when he doesn't know what funds he will receive.

"And so then you're also hesitant to make move... because you don't want to make promises.. you don't want to make staffing decisions if you can't deliver on them," he explained.

However, Republican State Senator Paul Schimpf disagreed, he said, "The Governor's actions should not impact the implementation of new school education funding formula or new dollars.  At this point in the process, the GA has time to address Governor's concerns."

"Our hope is that the members of the General Assembly when they come back to Springfield quickly override this veto and move on with getting an issue that we thought was solved…" Donkin concluded. "I think all of us thought was solved back in the fall.. a new funding formula completed so that we can make decisions if not for the year we are in right now, for next year and the years beyond and improve the educational opportunities for our students."

According to Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan's office, they will work with the sponsors of the bill when they are back in session on Jan. 23.

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