Staying hydrated in the winter

Staying hydrated in the winter

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Health experts say during winter people tend to not drink the amount of water they should to stay properly hydrated.

That amount is now considered much higher after the National Academies of Sciences announced how much people should generally be drinking on a day to day basis based on gender.

According to the National Academies of Sciences, women should be drinking around 91 fl. oz. of water on a daily basis and men a whopping 125 fl. oz. That's just 3 ounces short of a full gallon every day.

People seem to think these numbers are quite high based on the amount of water they consider to be enough or perhaps all they can handle on a given day.

Generally, people seem to follow the 8x8 rule, meaning they suggest people drink 8 glasses of water at 8 fl. oz. a day.

Nutrition Services Expert for Healthpoint Fitness in Cape Girardeau, Raina Childers, says numbers from the Academies are good numbers to shoot for, however each individual is different.

"Some of those recommendations are weight based," she said. "When you give out general population recommendations it's hard to hit whats just right for everybody."

Meaning people of both genders may need more or less than their targeted amount based on overall size.

Childers says people tend to ignore how much they hydrate in winter months because people don't want to drink cold beverages when outside temperatures are low.

"We don't have the same amount of sweat we're producing, we're not in that intense heat," she said. "But we still lose water and dehydrate the same as summer months, it's just less obvious I think."

To get more fluids in your system while it's cold out, Childers suggests having warm drinks, eating more juicy fruits and drinking a little extra water when taking vitamins or medications.

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