Several businesses vandalized in Anna, IL

Slingshot damage in Anna, IL
Published: Jan. 8, 2018 at 10:28 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 18, 2018 at 11:03 AM CST
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Suspect with slingshot (Source: Anna Police Department)
Suspect with slingshot (Source: Anna Police Department)
Suspect with slingshot (Source: Anna Police Department)
Suspect with slingshot (Source: Anna Police Department)

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - The Anna Police Department is searching for a man who left an indelible mark on South Main Street.

Not one, not two, but four businesses were vandalized on South Main Street in Anna on January 6. According to Anna police, the damage was caused by ball bearings and a slingshot.

"Nothing was stolen, nothing was broken in to, just busted out windows," Anthony Edwards, the owner of Jordo's Pizzeria, said. "We are angry and frustrated mad and depressed and all of those emotions but there's nothing we can do about  it even if they catch the guy it still needs to be fixed."

The businesses have damages in the thousands of dollars. Fortunately, they all have insurance.

"We know there is a high deductible, regardless, it's going to cost us a lot of money, even with the deductible and that's if they insurance covers the windows in full," Edwards said.

The four businesses are connected simply by their location. A pizza place, an optometry office, and two barbershops.

One is owned by Stephanie Curtis, who explained the damage she experienced.

"They showed up Saturday morning to open up and our whole door was shattered," Curtis said. "Whenever they do it to a small business like this it affects us to where we are shut down for a couple of days and these people don't get paid. We have mortgage and overhead, and for some businesses, this could be the end of them."

"Eventually get back to normal, bounce back and get back on your feet and business as usual," said Edwards.

Police said there's surveillance video, but they're not releasing it until they check out a few other cameras in that area.

A fifth business, Joe's Barber and Styling was vandalized as well. They caught the suspect on tape.

You can see a hooded man wielding a slingshot and firing upon the storefront before he escapes on foot across the street.

The owner, Judy Trexler, says she wasn't concerned so much so for her safety, but for the cost of the damage.

"We gotta reach deep in our pockets for this," she said, "I've got one estimate so far. $1,200. Yeah, that's a lot of haircuts"

Police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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