Meteor shower peaks tonight!

Updated: Jan. 3, 2018 at 4:16 PM CST
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(KFVS) - The Quadrantids meteor shower happens every January and this year it runs from December 22 to January 17.

Get ready and bundle up because the meteor shower peaks on Wednesday night, Jan. 3.

According to, asteroid 2003 EH1 produced the Quadrantids, which astronomers sometimes call a "rock comet."

The asteroid was discovered in 2003 by astronomer Peter Jenniskens, an expert with the SETI Institute in California.

If you're going to watch, NASA advises skywatchers to find a spot that is sheltered from city or street lights, and ideally to bring something like a sleeping bag or chair to keep you off the ground.

The radiant of the shower is somewhat in between the handle of the Big Dipper and the head of the constellation Draco, but it is recommended to look away from it as the meteors further from the radiant will appear for longer.

According to, the moonlight may interfere with the meteor shower.

This year, the closest and largest full moon of the year nearly coincides with the peak of the annual meteor shower.

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