Helping out winter birds with food, water

Helping out winter birds with food, water

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Brighten up dreary winter days by attracting beautiful birds to your front yard.

Natural food supplies for birds are depleted in the winter, such as, worms, fruit and seeds.

Coax the birds into your yard by offering high-calorie high-fat foods.

Foods rich in protein and fat give the fowl energy so they can deal with the drop in temperature.

Since water supplies are frozen, place a birdbath deicer at the bottom of your basin.

It keeps the water from freezing and the heating element allows the birds to sip on cool water.

Once the birds realize they are safe in your yard, you'll have many feathered friends to enjoy!

The following information is from Menards, Inc.

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