Winter survival kit: What to keep in your car

Updated: Dec. 28, 2017 at 1:47 PM CST
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Even a short drive across town can be hazardous the winter. Icy roads, snow and freezing rain can impact your travel.

Here are a few items to keep in your car this winter:

Keep basics inside the car:

  • Make a quick food kit and put in a duffel bag or backpack including bottled water, and snacks with high protein such as nuts, raisins, and mini candy bars.
  • Have a stash of extra gloves, hats, scarves and a couple of blankets.
  • Make a first-aid kit and have a with a whistle, hand crank radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

In the glove box:

  • Invest in several different cell phone chargers and cords.
  • Have an emergency backup road map in case GPS fails.
  • Have extra cash on hand in case the power goes out and your debit or credit card doesn't work.
  • Keep an emergency contact card with helpful numbers to call.

In the trunk:

  • Have snow removal tools such as a shovel, ice scrapers and a brush
  • Invest in flares.
  • De-icer windshield fluid comes in handy.
  • Pack for special needs.
  • Keep extra baby fluid, formula, food or diapers.
  • Kids games, books and activities can make a traffic standstill pleasant for everyone.

The following information was provided by Menards, Inc.

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