Missouri dog chews jury letter, receives note from clerk

Missouri dog chews jury letter, receives note from clerk

OZARK, Mo. (AP) - A circuit clerk's office in southern Missouri has found that dogs don't only eat homework, they eat jury questionnaires too.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that the Christian County Circuit Court received a chewed-up jury questionnaire several weeks ago, with a note that read: "Sorry for the damage, the dog thought it was his."

Deputy Court Clerk Michele Walker decided to send the misbehaved puppy a letter in return. In her letter addressed "Dear Dog," Walker asked the dog to thank his owners for taping the questionnaire back together. She wrote that the clerk's office hopes that he didn't get in trouble and wishes him happy holidays.

Walker says the circuit clerk's office mails 1,500 to 2,500 jury questionnaires every four months, many of which return defaced. She says she has never come across a dog excuse before, but that it made her day.

Information from: Springfield News-Leader, http://www.news-leader.com

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