Stoddard County Body Found

Stoddard County Body Found
By: CJ Cassidy

STODDARD COUNTY, MO --The search for a missing girl takes a deadly turn in Stoddard County. Investigators spent the day looking for answers after finding a 12-year-old's body in an old toolshed. The Stoddard County Sheriff's Department hasn't released the child's identity yet; athough we do know the body was sent for an autopsy. Investigators say results from that autopsy indicate foul play.

The Sheriff's Department first got a 911 call about a missing child, and while they were on their way to the house the call came from, the family began their own search, and made that devastating discovery.
Investigators combed a two mile radius around the toolshed where the body was found, using helicopters, horses and even a canine unit.
"The chilld was not from this area. She was visiting from the Poplar Bluff area. She had relatives living in Stoddard County; she was visiting them over the weekend," Sheriff Carl Hefner says.
He says the child was last seen Saturday night at her relative's house, less than a mile away from where her body was later discovered.

"The mother of the children worked on weekends and aunt was watching the children," Sheriff Hefner says. The children, in this case: the young girl and her twin brother.

Family members declined to talk, saying they were still in shock over the loss of their loved one.
Neighbors say they're so used to the peace and quiet in the county, they're jarred by the news of a deadly discovery so close to home.
"It's kind of got everyone on edge, because they don't know what's going on around here they don't know if someone's on loose keeping an eye on what's going on," Renee Holt, who lives next door to where the child disappeared from tells Heartland News.

Investigators say they'll use photographs taken from the helicopter, to map out a grid of the woods to help them as they look for evidence.