Toy Tester: Lego Chain Reactions book

Toy Tester: Lego Chain Reactions book

JONESBORO, IL (KFVS) - The New Lego Chain Reactions book was a challenge for Ms. Allgaier's class.

The book comes with instructions to take lego bricks to 10 new heights.

The kids found the step by step instructions easy to understand but Ms. Allgaier said the kids really would be needing some help.

"I think it was engaging, I think it was interactive," said Ms. Allgaier. "I think it would be a great thing for kids to do with their parents or with a sibling."

One of the biggest issues with this toy is you can only build one of the machines with the legos provided. We did the math and you need more than 400 other legos to complete the full 10-step chain. Still, some students like the creativity of the lego chain.

"I think it's unique because I didn't think there would be a ball ramp because it doesn't do that with regular Legos," said one of Ms. Allgaier's students. "Like you just build something play with it then you unbuild it."

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