Man accused in Reynolds County murders faces exploitation charges

Man accused in Reynolds County murders faces exploitation charges

MISSOURI (KFVS) - One of the men accused in the double murder and triple shooting in Reynolds County, Missouri is also facing exploitation of the elderly charges in two other Missouri Counties.

According to court documents, David Young allegedly knocks on doors looking to do freelance work around people's homes, and then tries to extort them for thousands of dollars.

The first case is out of Gasconade County where, according to a probable cause statement obtained by KFVS, Young allegedly went to a home in Owensville offering services to repair the homeowner's asphalt driveway.

The alleged victim told police that Young offered to do the job for $36,000, but a deposit would be required.

Police report the first check made out to Young by the alleged victim was for $4,200 back in September of 2015. Documents show that Young cashed this check in October of the same year.

The victim told police Young showed back up at his house in December of 2015 requesting a new check for the same deposit. They allegedly made out a new check to Young in the sum of $4,600 which was allegedly cashed by Young the next day.

Later that month, Young allegedly came back to the victim's residence and asked for additional funds to get the job started. The victim told police that Young arrived with a second unidentified man who began to spray a substance onto the asphalt with a small spray bottle.

That day the victim is said to have written a third check to Young for $9,800 which allegedly was cashed the next day.

During the investigation, the Department of Revenue showed the victim a photo of Young and identified him as the suspect who had come to the residence for asphalt work over a span of 6 months.

When charges were filed against young in February of 2016 no work had been completed to the victim's driveway, and Young had allegedly chased a grand total of $18,600 of checks from the victim.

Young is charged with a felony count of exploitation of the elderly, and according to court documents pleaded not guilty. According to the Gasconade County Sheriff's Department, he is expected to return to Gasconade County after is extradition from Ohio to face his charge there.

Later in June of 2017, Deputy Don Smith with The St. Francois County Sheriff's Department responded to a home in the county on a possible fraud case.

According to the probable cause statement obtained by KFVS, Deputy Smith met with the daughter of a couple who believed her parents were being exploited for money.

The daughter told Deputy Smith that she was at her parents, who are in their 80s, house when David Young knocked on their door, and they let him inside.

Young then allegedly told her father that the bank would not cash the check for painting their barn, and that his wife would need to go with Young to make sure the check is cashed.

The daughter told investigators that she drove her father to First State Bank in Farmington where she found out her parents allegedly wrote two other checks to David Young for the same work on their barn.

The first check was made out to a William Hillis for $3,400, and the second check was made out to Ronald Lange for $3,400.

The daughter told police when they arrived back to their house Young pulled in behind them. She allegedly asked Young if he knew Hollis and Lange to which he replied, "Yes."

She said Young told her that Hollis and Lange instructed him to paint the roof of her parent's barn.

The daughter said she then told Young she would not assist him in cashing the check for $4,800. She said she also told him she contacted their insurance company and were advised that the repairs needed to the barn should only total aproximately $1,300, and that he had been overpaid for the work.

She said Young responded like it was "no big deal" and asked the daughter to help him get his driver's license back from the bank. She told him she would not help him in any way.

Charges were filed by St. Francois County Jerrod Mahurin on September 13, 2016, and a warrant for Young was issued on September 18, and served the next day.

Young is charged with a felony count of exploitation of the elderly in this case along with Lange and Hillis.

He is scheduled to be back in St. Francios County Court on this case November 9 for an arraignment, however pending extradition Young is expected back in Gasconade County before he heads back to St. Francois and Reynolds Counties.

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