Wildfires in Napa Valley could affect some southern IL wineries

Wildfires in Napa Valley could affect some southern IL wineries

POMONA, IL (KFVS) - With wildfires raging in northern California, parts of Napa Valley are being destroyed. Wine makers in the Heartland believe this could cause the price of wine to go up nationwide. Some believe this could have an affect on local wineries.

Ron Presswood owns the Hickory Ridge Vineyard in Pomona, and he think big wineries in Napa will make a comeback within three years if grapevines are rooted in the ground.

"Most of our grapes would come back. They're on their own root stock," Presswood said. "If they're grafted plants, you've got another problem, if the whole plant is burned then you're in trouble because you don't have what you want left."

For small local wineries in the Heartland, Presswood said he doesn't expect to see much affect due to destruction in Napa Valley.

"95% (of Hickory Ridge wine) we distribute right here. We distribute to a couple places like the co-op in Carbondale and a few of the small restaurants around here but, other than that, we don't push it."

He said many smaller wineries in southern Illinois operate similarly. However bigger ones, like Alto and Blue Sky, who distribute more wine over state borders may feel price affects.

"As far as our sales going up, it's not going to happen because of what's happening in Napa."

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