Missouri gets grace period for Real ID license compliance

Missouri gets grace period for Real ID license compliance

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri has more time to comply with stricter identification requirements under the Real ID Act.

The Department of Homeland Security is giving Missouri a grace period through Jan. 22, 2018 as it reviews the state's request for another extension. The last extension expired Tuesday.

At issue is a federal law with tougher proof-of-identity requirements needed at airports, some federal facilities and military bases.

Some Missouri lawmakers worried about privacy pushed back against compliance with the federal law for years. But a new Missouri law that took effect in August will give residents the option to get compliant driver's licenses or other ID cards.

Department of Revenue spokeswoman Anne Marie Moy says the agency asked for an extension through March 2019 as the state works to make those compliant licenses available.

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