Cycling safety in downtown areas

Cycling safety in downtown areas

(KFVS) - Every city seems to be doing more to make their communities cyclist friendly, but in congested areas there is only so much a city can do.

The league of American bicyclist has five rules to keep you safe while cycling.

  1. Follow the law: as a cyclist you have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers, obey traffic signals and signs and always ride with traffic.
  2. Be predictable: ride straight, signal turns and check behind you.
  3. Be conspicuous: Make sure you are seen-- wear bright colors and have lights.
  4. Think ahead: Watch out for what other people on the road might do and watch for debris and potholes.
  5. Be ready: Make sure that your bike is in good working condition.

Make sure you are always visible by wearing bright clothing and having lights on the front and back of your bike.

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