Breast cancer survivor uses social media to empower others

Updated: Oct. 6, 2017 at 2:28 PM CDT
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NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Heartland will be showered with pink during the month of October in honor of beast cancer awareness month.

It's a disease that touches so many lives.

One beast cancer survivor in New Madrid County is now turning to social media to share her story in hopes of helping others.
You see, our strength is often tested with our struggles.
"I had three masses sort of stacked on top of each other, kind of like a snowman almost, and then another mass sitting close to it," Rachelle Cravens Griffin said.

Breast Cancer is no stranger to her family.

"I'm the 5th," Cravens Griffin said. "There's so much more to breast cancer than just having surgery to remove your breast and doing chemo."

Outside all of the medical decisions, there's life.

"I had a ten-year-old at home and I had twins that were going to be turning five just a couple of months after my surgery," Cravens Griffin said. "Thankfully, I have great family."

She said she had so many people were in her corner sending her letters of encouragement.
"The very first time I saw myself after surgery and it wasn't necessary the scars or anything like that," Cravens Griffin said. "It was the fact that my husband was having to help me shower, get dressed, take care of my drains and all of that stuff and I started bawling. But then, I thought this is not going to get me through it. Staying negative is not going to help. I still have cancer. I still lost my breast, but I need to get positive."

Now that Rachelle is cancer free, she's reflecting on her journey.
"It's just emotional because you're losing so much of yourself that makes you a woman." 
She started a Facebook page called "Reconstructing Rachelle". 
"It's been great for my healing to just get kind of get it out there."
She's using the keyboard to flex her strength in hopes of empowering others.
"If you need anybody to just cry with, vent with, talk about it with, I'm willing to do that," Cravens Griffin said.
Rachelle says she hopes to show that there is life after breast cancer.

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