Farmers come together to help Murphysboro, IL family

Farmers come together to help Murphysboro, IL family

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The Heartland farming community is lending a helping hand to a Murphysboro, Illinois family with their harvest this season.

David Arbeiter lost his son, Benjamin, in early August in a tractor accident, which left him with over a thousand acres of crops to harvest himself.

Arbeiter needed help, so Benjamin's friends decided to gather together and help him with the crops.

He said if the friends didn't come help he would have had to hire someone or hop on a combine himself, something he says he hasn't done in years.

"Every time you looked around there was another combine coming in," Arbeiter said. "So we ended up with 10 combines when at first I thought we were only gonna have six."

Scott Hines, one of Benjamin's friends, gladly offered his help to his fellow farmer. Hine says he knows how it feels to need help from his fellow farmers.

"Well, it's just a pleasure to come out and help somebody when they needed help. We've been helped in the past when we were in need and wouldn't hesitate to help somebody else if they ever are," said Hines.

They say with so many people pitching in, the harvest was done within two days.

"Really makes you feel good to know that people care enough for one another to come out. It's nothing about my family, it's about these neighbors and friends," said Arbeiter.

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