Sikeston, MO student scores perfect 36 on ACT

Sikeston, MO student scores perfect 36 on ACT

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston High School Senior contemplates his next step after getting a perfect 36 on his ACT.

Fadel Alkilani recently found out he aced the ACT over the summer and now is choosing what college is right for him.

Alkilani has offers from many colleges in the nation, so much in fact that it is daunting.

"I have several hundred college emails just waiting for me to read right now," Alkilani said. "I filter through the ones that I want to read and the ones that I don't really want to. I already have the mindset of where I want to go."

His primary schools of choice are Stanford and Harvard of which he has both already visited.

"If I get accepted to more than one top college it would probably go down to the cost," Alkilani added. "I like their (Stanford and Harvard) academic mentality and I also like both of their campuses."

He actually has taken the ACT test once before but scored a 35. He believes that one point better doesn't account for very much with the exception of more attention.

"Whenever applying to colleges with a holistic review process which are mostly the top colleges, the difference between 36 and 35 is not as major as some might see, but it's still an attention grabber," Alkilani said.

Alkilani said he has worked hard, not only preparing for the test itself, but learning as much as he could throughout his years in school.

"Preparation for just the test is a few weeks," Alkilani said. "Also learning from the teachers in class, general studying, and learning in general. Not just ACT specific. That takes years."

He thanks his teachers at Sikeston which he said has helped him learn so much and has made the education experience easy for him to learn.

"I want to thank all the teachers who helped me reach this point and taught me along the years and tell students to try and learn. Don't waste their
time in school. It's a lot of years to waste time off of your life," Alkilani said.

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