CATE group at SIU trying to capture Solar Corona

CATE group at SIU trying to capture Solar Corona

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - While most of us will be watching the eclipse for fun, a group of 4 Southern Illinois University students will be studying it for science.

They're trying to capture what's known as the Solar Corona which is a part of the atmosphere that's usually pretty difficult to catch.

This group is actually one of 68 groups across the country called "Citizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse" or CATE for short.

"What's really cool is when papers are published by the Citizen CATE experiment team and others that will use that data later, the students are referenced as part of that the data collection team, so several of the students in this team are effectively have publications as a result of this project," Bob Baer with the SIU Eclipse Committee said.

The group in Carbondale is CATE-41. Each individual group will capture the 2 minute and 30 second event that they will piece together to create a 90 minute video to help with the scientific study of the eclipse.

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