Tips to get kids back in the school sleep routine

Back to school sleep schedules

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The summer is wrapping up for kids and parents are trying to get them back to bed at a normal hour.

For mom Lakrisha Moore, the struggle is not always getting the kids to bed, it is getting them to stay there.

"Sometimes it's a little hard for them," Moore said. "I know Jack sometimes has come upstairs and said mom I can't sleep."

If this sounds like you, Pediatrician Kali Francis recommends getting started two weeks before school starts.

"Looking at their current bedtime and moving that back maybe 15 minute increments at a time until they're back to that normal routine and making sure that they're getting up earlier everyday as well," Francis said.

She says studies show that if kids are not sleeping well at night, their school performance is going to show it.

So, how do can you get your kids in a sleep frame of mind?

"Taking away screen time, we're becoming quiet in the house, making things dark," Francis said. "You know, having a pretty set pattern of things, whether it be bath time, reading a book. Those sorts of thing."

Most importantly, being consistent, that helps kids to realize it is time to wind down.

Moore said she tries to stay consistent and it seems to work.

"If you can get into the same routine all the time, kids know what to expect, especially with older kids," Moore said. "It takes us a few weeks to get into that rhythm, but once we're in it, we do a really good job actually."

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