IL Gov. Bruce Rauner signs executive order to speed up hearing process

IL Gov. Bruce Rauner signs executive order to speed up hearing process

SPRINGFIELD, IL (KFVS) - On August 2, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Executive Order 2017-04 to improve Illinois state government.

This action reaffirms Rauner's admistration's commitment to transforming administrative law in Illinois.

Executive Order 2017-04 leads the Bureau of Administrative Hearings to enforce the Model Rules, which were implemented to reduce the burden by increasing speed in the administrative hearing process.

The order directs to collect quarterly reports from agencies on their backlogs, so the Bureau can continue smart case sharing.

It also directs the Bureau to get statewide case management solution for agencies.

The Bureau reports that many agencies have no electronic case management, while other agencies still may work on systems twenty or thirty years old.

Electronic case management eases the administration burden on agencies by protecting confidential personal and financial information often collect.

The Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology and the Bureau intend to develop one system all agencies can share and use.

Deputy Director of the Bureau Sarah Kerley said, "We have judges working with Stone Age technology. Some judges receive only on-the-job training. We're working to change that and to continue successful case sharing initiatives. All I can say is thank you to our agencies, particularly DoIT for its support, and the Competitiveness Council for partnering with us to cut the red tape surrounding hearings. But my biggest thanks are to the judges and agency support staff who have embraced a better way of serving Illinois citizens."

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