City official says Cairo, IL is broke

City official says Cairo, IL is broke

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - According to Councilman Danny Brown, the city of Cairo, Illinois is broke.

"Can't make this bill, Can't pay this bill, didn't pay this bill," said the councilman referencing City Clerk Lori Hesselrode.

Brown is also the Police Commissioner and he's frustrated with the state of the city. In the city council meetings, he explains the City Clerk Lori Hesselrode has said the city can't make payroll, and they are broke.

"I have lost 5 officers in the last three months. Based on the reason you can't make payroll...I'm not going to be silenced. For a year I didn't say anything about what was going on. But time is come. I can't afford to lose senior staff. And then have to bring in young guys with no experience, and then I don't have enough seniority to train them," Brown explained.

At the beginning of 2016, Councilman Brown had 12 officers, now they're down to seven. A couple of officers have gone to other counties because of the lack of pay of benefits.

"They were offered full time plus benefits, you can't stop them. I mean I can't because we're not offering that, we are taking benefits away," Brown said.

Brown plainly said, "One thing for sure, you can't deny the truth. If I am lying on you, stop me. But when I am telling the truth you just have to listen to it."

Brown said he doesn't thing the mayor is taking the financial problem as seriously as he should.

The mayor and clerk at City Hall were busy and unavailable to comment on Friday, July 28.

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